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Dynamics of Our Culture

ERIH is committed to sustainable growth in all its activities. We aim to strike a balance between relying on process innovation, greenfield investments and well-chosen add-on acquisitions as our growth drivers. We seek market leading positions in all areas of operations, achieved by innovation, value creation and long-term partnerships.

We are driven by entrepreneurship based on societal challenges, innovation and demand.


ERIH Energy Trading Co., Inc. commenced operations in 2008, specializing in international trading of energy-related commodities, particularly electricity and green products sourced exclusively from renewable sources. In 2011, Reswell Energy was established to focus on the development and investment in wind and solar energy assets. Concurrently, Myclimate Turkiye, a venture philanthropy initiative of ERIH Energy, was founded as a joint venture with the Swiss foundation myclimate, promoting a low-carbon society and economy in Turkey.

In 2012, ERIH Holding was created as the umbrella organization, bringing a dedicated focus on core businesses and benefiting from economies of scale, specialization, and organizational efficiency. The year 2014 marked the company's expansion into global markets. Renawell Energy Investments GmbH was formed in 2016 in Germany, and a few months later, Reswell Energy Investments Limited in UK. These entities have successfully developed, invested and exited over 1000 MW of renewable assets across three continents and nine countries, spanning West & East Africa, Far East Asia, and Southeast Europe.

ERIH Ventures has been established to partner with and invest in top-tier management teams pioneering "resource innovations," addressing the world's increasing demand for energy, water, and other key resources.

In 2023, Keira Capital Srl, an energy and real estate investment company, was founded in Italy, concentrating its investments exclusively within the Italian market. Specializing in these sectors, Keira Capital adds a strategic dimension to ERIH's portfolio.


Additionally, Sitagro Invest Limited, established to engage in investing in agricultural supply chains, extends its reach to Colombia and Zambia, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.

At ERIH, our commitment to creating long-term shareholder value remains steadfast. We prioritize innovation, best practices, corporate governance, and risk management over traditional return on investment (ROI). The ongoing support of our valued shareholders encourages ERIH to continually strive for greater heights. The majority of ERIH Holdings' companies are either in the development or growth stages, showcasing our proactive approach to solving challenges and contributing to long-term value creation.

As of today, ERIH Holdings Inc. has established a significant presence with investments and offices in various countries. The company's footprint extends to Holland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Paraguay, Colombia, and Zambia. This widespread geographical presence underscores ERIH's commitment to diversification and its strategic approach to renewable energy investments on a global scale. The multi-country presence allows ERIH to leverage diverse markets, contributing to its position as a global player in the renewable energy sector.


Akin Gunduz

Akin Gunduz is the founding partner of ERIH and has 20 years commercial, regulatory and managerial experience in the energy and finance industries. Under his leadership, ERIH has been active today in 3 continents with 5 companies. As a climate warrior, Akin established myclimate Turkey in 2011 to promote low carbon economy in Turkey.

Previously, Akin held executive roles at MN companies in Dubai, US, Italy, Turkey, Germany including IEG,  GE  and Generali Group.

Akin received his double major MBA from Pforzheim University, Germany and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and MA in economics from the University of Heidelberg.


Ibrahim Yesildal

Ibrahim Yesildal has been the Vice Chairman of ERIH since 2012 and Founder and Chairman of Teknam since 1992. Ibrahim is in charge of financial management of the group. Ibrahim has been also serving as the chair or member of the boards of the ERIH companies.

Ibrahim has more than three decades of experience in the industry and has worked closely with many public and private middle-market companies. He has leaded the development of numerous analytical and renewable technology based technologies, tools and equipments.

Ibrahim holds Bachelor of Science in Physics from Middle East Technical University.

Ali Yaras Photo_edited_edited.jpg

Ali Yaras

Ali Yaras has been the Chief Investment Officer of ERIH since 2021 and he is in charge of Group’s investments and as well as business development activities.

Since 2007, Ali has worked at the companies which were active in renewable energy technologies as a sustainability consultant and project coordinator. Ali founded his own company 2014 to develop and invest solar energy projects.

Ali holds a BSc in Geophysics from Istanbul University and an MSc in Hydrogen Energy from the University of Linköpping. His PhD studies on Renewable Energy Technologies is ongoing.


Feti Goker

Feti Joined ERIH as Chief Commercial Officer in August 2020, where he manages all commercial activities including global business development, marketing and stakeholder support.

Prior to joining ERIH, he has has held senior management roles across the globe and gained business and project development experience mostly in mining and renewable energy industries for more than 15 years. 

Meanwhile, as an entrepreneur, he developed mining and renewable projects in Western Africa, Turkey and Balkans.  

Feti is a Geological Engineer and received his BSc an MSc from Istanbul University.


Nuri Demirdoven, PhD

Nuri Demirdoven has been advising ERIH's Board on corporate strategy since 2019.

He is been also leading the capital project management office, project control tower and digitalization of Turkish Petroleum’s Sakarya deep-water gas field development since 2020. He has been developing the end to end IT and OT infrastructures that are supporting the project development and operations. The project received the SAP Digital Transformation Award in 2022.

Previously, Nuri held executive roles for more than 20 years at management consultancy companies such as McKinsey, Schlumberger and Accenture in Houston and London.

Nuri received his PhD and MS from MIT and BS from Purdue University and Bilkent University.


We are entrepreneurs and investors who build companies that solve real problems, contribute to sustainable development, and that take leading positions within their respective industries. We want to build companies that change the rules. Our team and advisors have extensive experience in corporate development and have worked in a wide range of sectors.


To keep up to speed with a rapidly changing competitive environment ERIH continuously monitor trends, and adjust long-term strategic direction. This includes evaluating sustainability risks and opportunities arising from climate change, constrained resources, urbanization, regulation and emerging market growth.


Sustainable Development Framework

ERIH’s Sustainable Development Framework provides guidance on how we implement, review and improve our management of sustainability across the organization. It is designed to make sure that every operation and project we manage achieves international and leading practice standards. Our Sustainable Development Framework comprises:

  • Our Sustainable Development Policy and Sustainable Development Standards

  • Integrating sustainability risk management into our broader enterprise risk management process

  • A Sustainable Development strategy and planning process that is integrated from project to group level with our operational and business strategy and planning process


In managing Sustainable Development we adhere to a number of international standards including:

  • The UN Global Compact

  • UN Declaration of Human Rights

  • Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

  • ILO Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy

  • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

Our internal and external auditing and assurance processes ensure that our Business Principles and Group Sustainable Policy and Standards are being upheld at each operation and project.


Integrated Management System - Quality and Occupational Health and Safety

ERIH’s Integrated Management System follows a holistic approach in combining the Quality Management System and the Occupational Health and Safety System to one single Management System.

Our Quality Management is specifically aligned to our customer’s requirements and our 100 % renewable energies and technologies vision. We focus on long-term customer and supplier relationships. The ERIH organizational structure with its continuously improved processes supports the project phases of the ERIH value chain. Having lean, swift and efficient processes ensures their long-term sustainability, which is why ERIH uses an Integrated Management System approach with uniform quality standards for the whole ERIH companies.

Image by Kuchihige Saboten

Four key issues are prioritized at ERIH - customer satisfaction, sustainable growth, employees and environmental management.

Image by Vlado Paunovic

ERIH’s strategy for 2020–2025 is designed to create sustainable value in a changing and more competitive business environment. It's built on our strengths.


ERIH is committed to sustainable growth in all its activities. We aim to strike a balance between relying on process innovation, greenfield investments and well-chosen add-on acquisitions as our growth drivers. We seek market leading positions in all areas of operations, achieved by innovation, value creation and long-term partnerships.

ERIH’s corporate strategy is composed of four distinct strands. These four elements unify our broad capabilities, providing a structure that guides our decision-making.

By staying focused, we have remained resilient in changing times and partnered energy projects that utilise our strengths. ERIH’s technical and financial expertise is best employed on projects where we can re-engineer processes and schemes to create value for our investments.

By pushing boundaries and concentrating on Turkish Market we have been able to extend our service offerings to adjacent the market, leveraging the existing skills we have, to work in new sectors.

By leveraging our integrated business model, we have made best use of our potential. As a Group with wide-ranging development and investment capabilities and expertise from other business strands – something very few companies can have.

And by continuing to invest in our people, we ensure that our people, at all levels, are encouraged to maximise their potential and contribute to our future success as a business.

On the other hand, our principles guide the way we implement our strategy:

  • Niche Leadership – we will lead from a position of strength in select market niches.

  • Focus – focus on development and changing energy investment attitudes.

  • Work Smart – plan effectively; work efficiently; simplify and standardise; act with urgency.


ERIH’s vision, mission and core values are the fundamentals of our spirit which help to define the culture of the company, motivating our staff to give their best and instilling in our clients confidence that we will deliver solutions of the very highest quality.

We will multiply our stakeholders’ satisfaction by generating wealth and adding value, embracing an environment-friendly culture and training employees for quality output, growth and innovative contribution.

Our mission

is to create strong business identity by providing strategic guidance to our subsidiaries and affiliates for capacity building and growth, while meeting international standards of excellence in all aspects of business operations, processes and ethics.

Our vision

is to be committed to innovative growth, through our personal passion, reinforced by a professional mindset, creating value for all those we touch.


Our Values

We do what we say:

Integrity and trust are vital to ERIH. In our highly decentralised structure, we trust our people to make the right decisions for our business. And we count on the trust of the partners we work with for our ongoing success. We earn their trust by being straight-talking, open and transparent. We deliver on our promises and our actions must match our words.

We act decisively to create value:

ERIH people do what they say, but with an unerring focus on creating value. Commercially astute and unencumbered by bureaucracy, we make decisions quickly, maintaining the momentum that is vital to our success. Our momentum keeps our skills honed, our instincts sharp and creates opportunities for our people. With momentum, we pursue opportunities to create value in its broadest sense – from industry-leading shareholder returns, to essential products for society, to meaningful benefits for communities.

We hold ourselves accountable:

We focus on value and maintaining momentum, but our actions are always guided by a sense of accountability. Our people are empowered to do the right thing and this responsibility goes hand in hand with personal accountability. Each of us is personally accountable to all of our stakeholders for our actions over the long term.

We dare to be different:

An important element of ERIH’s difference is our courage to challenge convention, to find innovative ways to create value and improve every day. It’s not about being rebellious or different for its own sake. It’s about having an entrepreneurial spirit that inspires individuals to act as owners of our business, be inventive and never stand still.

We act with care:

In everything we do, we work with a sense of care. The safety and wellbeing of our people are more important than any production or financial targets. We respect the environment and we work in partnership with our stakeholders to create lasting benefits for the communities and countries in which we live and work.

Image by Josh Calabrese

The ERIH way is all about keeping its entrepreneurial spirit alive, and to keep growing with a passion to progress and the power to succeed with a renewed strength of purpose and commitment.

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