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A Portfilo Designed to Generate Value

Parallel megatrends such as globalisation, technological development, digitalisation, climate change and urbanisation are creating societal challenges. Our business concept is to help start as well as invest in companies that meet the new needs and opportunities that are emerging.



ERIH Energy Trading commenced its operations in the year 2008 within the field of international trading with energy related commodities such as electricity, gas, CO2 and green certificates from renewable sources only. ERIH Energy Trading manages a complex product mix and exposure profile across the entire European commodity space. Consequently, ERIH is active at energy exchanges throughout Europe as well as in OTC markets, trading a wide range of standard and exotic products and leveraging his deep industry knowledge to bring innovative and tailored solutions to his clients.

ERIH Energy Trading has assembled a very strong team of highly experienced traders, originators, structurers and analysts. The Istanbul office is primarily responsible for trading all markets for European power, gas, emissions and certificates. The extensive experience of our employees, coupled with our increasing network of trading relationships, puts us in a strong position to offer our counterparts the full range of commodity trading and energy risk management products.

The companies that we start and invest in, are built on leading technologies, combined with new business models.



ERIH Ventures is an active venture investor committed to backing world class entrepreneurs seeking to change industries through innovation, creativity and the promotion of environmentally sustainable products and services. At ERIH Ventures, we partner with and invest in top-tier management teams who are reinventing how people buy, sell and use "resource innovations" – the next wave of cost-advantaged, sustainable solutions for the world's ever-growing demand for energy, water and other key resources.

By leveraging our extensive market presence and network of international partners, ERIH Investment is able to provide fund management services to deliver higher returns to fund investors while promoting a more sustainable environment. ERIH’s energy experts are equipped to provide are essential elements of our renewable energy asset management capability, ensuring responsive dispatch operations, clear communication, risk management and the ability to respond quickly to unplanned outages.

Meanwhile, ERIH Ventures has been launching Turkey’s first “Sustainable Energy technologies Fund I” focuses on only sustainable technologies or clean technologies of Turkish start-up companies that are supported by macroeconomic fundamentals and offer the potential to generate uncorrelated, above average returns on a sustainable basis. ERIH Ventures's strongest asset is its people which enable to bring experienced personnel drawn from the technology and financial sectors to apply specific skill sets in corporate finance, business development and industry analysis.

Renawell Energy Investments.png


Renawell  Energy Investments GmbH was formed in St. Leon-Rot, Germany in 2016 as the asset development arm of  ERIH for the utility scale wind sourced power generating projects in the countries which are regulated, poor in renewable installations and covered with barriers in project financing . In such countries, Renawell manages and performs all development activities required to bring its projects from conception through completion, including siting, environmental permitting, securing transmission, contract negotiations and arranging project financing.

On the strength of our successful development of numerous wind power plants, Renawell offers impressive prerequisites for investment. We also offer all project requirements from one source. In this way, we create the ideal prerequisites for capital market participants, such as financial investors, banks, pension funds, fund originators and large individual investors.


Renawell’s success results from the strength of its people and partners. Since the early days of deregulation in the European power industry, our team members have been developing electricity generating projects domestically and internationally. Collectively our people have secured over $3 billion in debt and equity project financing on three continents. We’ve commercialized wind technology, privatized energy producers, restructured utility transactions, and helped major utilities divest their assets.

The companies that we start and invest in, are built on leading technologies, combined with new business models.



Reswell  Energy Investments Limited was formed in London, UK in 2016 as an equal shareholding based joint venture company with Sunel UK Limited to develop and invest into utility scale solar  projects in Far East Asia, East and West Africa. Sunel is a globally recognized EPC contractor and developer for solar projects. 

Batkon ENGTransparent.png


Batkon has been one of major projects where ERIH saw an opportunity to combine our sector expertise and experience of investing in transformative industries to help drive the change to a more sustainable world. 

Batkon, which is formed in 2017, is a company dedicated to providing the best-performing, safe and sustainable energy storage solutions built on battery technologies to be used in telecom and mini grid and standalone energy storage sectors.


ERIH is driven by industrial entrepreneurship based on societal challenges, innovation, and demand. The companies that we start and invest in, are built on leading technologies, combined with new business models. Our other holdings include Tech-Sen Meteorological Measurement Technologies and Agrowell Precision Farming Technologies.

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